Holiday Gift Guide for Parents, Kids and Everyone Who Loves Them

Finding the perfect gift for that new mom, that expecting dad, or that adorable little toddler in your life can be overwhelming. There’s so many products to choose from, so many styles, plus you never know what they already have! To help you sort through all of your options, we’ve created the ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for new moms, new babies, parents-to-be, and everyone in between.

Best Gifts for New Parents

Personalized Keepsake
As soon as you become a parent, there is nothing more special than your new little one. A perfect way for a new parent is something personalized. Whether it be a necklace or bracelet with their baby’s name, a ring with their baby’s birthstone, a picture frame with their baby’s birthdate, or a cute kit to keep all of baby’s things safe forever, any new parent in your life is sure to appreciate a customized thoughtful gift. This year, consider supporting a small business when shopping for a personalized gift, your loved ones will appreciate a gift that gives back.

Relaxation Products
If there’s one thing new parents need, it’s self-care. . Anything that will help them achieve some blissful relaxation time will be much appreciated! This could mean a wellness app subscription, mindfulness journal, oil diffuser, luxury candle, or a gift certificate for them get pampered by the professionals. Consider a meal delivery service for the whole family to help the stick to their new year’s resolutions while freeing up their time so they can focus on their new little one.

Best Gifts for Parents-To-Be

Baby Book
As a new parent, you want to document everything! Getting expecting parents a baby book will help them prepare to keep track of their little ones biggest milestones, or smallest moments they want to remember. Plenty of baby books also have a section for documenting the pregnancy, and even have slots to add items like photos, ultrasounds, and their first little hat.

Nursery Items
While waiting for baby to arrive, most parents begin to nest. Especially while spending so much time at home, getting the nursery ready for baby is going to be a big part of their pregnancy. Gifts like a luxurious throw blanket, changing table organizers, mobiles, or cute crib sheets will help parents get ready for and get excited about their new little one’s arrival!

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Arts and Crafts Kits
This year, we’re all spending most of our time at home and toddlers especially can get a bit restless., Anything to help keep them occupied indoors will be much appreciated by both them and their parents! A nice arts and crafts kit with things like markers, paper, paints, and easels will allow toddlers to get their creative juices flowing and keep them entertained and engaged.

Toddler Trike
Not only do toddlers need mental stimulation, but they’ve got tons of physical energy they need to get out, too! A toddler trike is the perfect way to do so. The Liki Trike grows with them from 10-36 months, creating adventures for years to come.. Whether they ride it around indoors or around the block, the multiple modes of use are super fun for them while also giving parents the control and peace of mind they need!

Best Gifts for Baby

Cute Play Gym
Play gyms are the perfect way to help with baby’s development and keep them entertained! Which not only helps out baby - it’s great for parents, too. There are so many adorable theme options out there, from under-the-sea, to space, to their favorite characters or colors.


Swaddle Blankets
As a new parent, you can never have enough of the basics. With all the messes and loads of laundry, having lots of extra swaddles on hand is going to be helpful. There are also many different types, patterns, and materials to choose from, so it’s good for new moms and dads to have a variety and see what baby likes best!


Teething Toys
Most moms can tell you that teething toys are absolutely essential during the teething phase. There are all sorts of shapes, and some that can even be frozen to ease any pain. These toys are a lifesaver for mamas and papas, as it helps to keep baby calm during this painful time!


The Best Gift for Parents & Babies

Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller
A safe car seat and reliable stroller are both essential when it comes to new babies. However, not all car seats and strollers are created equal. The Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller is a gift for mom, dad , and anyone traveling with baby! It keeps newborns safe and comfortable in the car and while out and about, which gives parents peace of mind. Plus, by transforming from car seat to stroller in one motion, it makes life so much easier, while ensuring baby doesn’t wake up even while loading in and out of the car.

No matter what gift you choose, whether it be for baby, toddler, or for a new or expecting parent, everyone appreciates the gesture of a gift that makes life just a little easier!