How to Get Through Your Baby's First Thanksgiving



Of all your baby’s unforgettable milestones, celebrating a holiday for the first time might just top the list. Watching the look of wonder and excitement as they discover a tradition for the first time, is something you’ll cherish forever. 

But if this is your baby’s first Thanksgiving – there is a lot to be prepared for. Spending time with family is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming especially when adding a baby into the mix. And since many of us travel for the holidays, this can add extra complications for you and your baby.

So while you’re preparing to head into your baby’s first Thanksgiving, keep these tips in mind:

Remember That You’re the Parent

Being around your extended family can sometimes be stressful, especially when it’s your first holiday with a baby. Even if it’s well-intended, unwanted advice can leave you frustrated. Remember that this is your baby, and you get to enforce rules and boundaries, even at someone else’s house. Don’t be afraid to politely decline unsolicited tips from family members or anyone else. Every family is different, and the person who knows yours best is you. 

Don’t Stress!

If you let yourself be consumed by stress, and making sure everything goes to plan, you won’t be able to enjoy Thanksgiving, or any other amazing milestone in your baby’s life, for that matter. Things can always go wrong, from weather delays during travel to a screaming baby, or the dishes you’ve prepared not turning out right. Try to roll with the punches and enjoy this precious time with your family and your baby, because that’s what you’re going to remember.

Pack More Than You Think You Need

When it comes to holidays with your baby, don’t hold back on packing. There will always be unforeseen circumstances that come up, and you want to be as prepared as possible. Don’t end up stuck at a relative’s house withoutclean clothes or diapers for your baby. Make sure to bring your own supplies like bottles, bibs, pacifiers, blankets, and extra outfits for all those messes. If your little one is eating solid foods, consider bringing your own so you know exactly what they are eating. You never know how your baby will react to being around so many family members at once, many of whom they have never met, so bringing things to keep them occupied like toys or snacks is always a good idea. Having everything you could possibly need will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy the holiday.

Don’t Skip Naptime

Sticking to a routine with your baby within the first year is key, and you don’t want to change things up just because you’re away from home or have family around. Even though it may be tempting to skip out on a nap, take the time to step away and put baby down. Getting the rest they need will help them feel a little more comfortable in this new situation, and will help keep their sleeping schedule on track.

Ask for Help

It’s not often that you’re surrounded by lots of family who just want to see your baby. If someone who you trust offers to help you, let them. You need to enjoy yourself too and letting your grandma or aunt hold your baby will allow you to take a well-deserved break. Remember to ask everyone to wash their hands or bring hand sanitizer with you. Thanksgiving falls during cold and flu season, so make sure you are prepared to keep your baby safe and healthy.

The most important thing during the holiday season is to enjoy your family’s latest addition, while making new traditions together. Introducing your baby to your family for the first time is exciting, so take the time to stop, take it all in, and take plenty of photos – because you won’t get this time back.

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