Meet Our Customers

Just wanted to say how much i love your product! Your product has single handily simplified my life especially as a first time mom! I absolutely love showing off my Doona in the streets of NYC. My baby is now going on to 5 months and I am so incredibly sad as he is outgrowing his Doona. You have an avid fan here who will always buy your products but more importantly advocate for your amazing product.

Jennifer S.

I purchased this carseat/ stroller 4 months ago for our son born 10-18-17. We Were In a Terrible Accident On 1-16-2018.

First off let me thank you sooo much for creating such a strong and safe car seat. My son didn’t even seem to notice the accident.

He never even cried. Sincerely, Grateful mother.

Sarah W.

Thank you Doona for doing my life simple and easier to be a parent. I took my 3 week old son to London and used the car seat and everyone was AMAZED with the product! On the flight, and straight from the gate into the car in London. This product is a must for city moms or on the go moms! Even my friends that’s seen it on Instagram and Facebook loves it! (And snapchat) So a BIG thank you for making this awesome car seat! I LOVE this product.

Linn K.

Hello, we are walking advertisements for our beloved Doona and don’t know what we would have done without it, since we travel so much. Now our son is turning 2 soon and has grown out of his. We are literally dramatically sad, lost and don’t know how to travel without it!!! We don’t want to lug around an ugly/big car seat without wheels.

Thank you for creating such an amazing, innovative and beautifully designed product!

Laura K.

With having two little kids it has quickly become our most essential piece of baby gear and I never could run errands or go to story time without it! We also continue to love it for travel. Thank you so much.

Colleen R.

I can’t say enough about how much we’ve enjoyed our Doona not only in our day to day but especially in our travels!

My little one isn’t so little anymore and I travel often.

Zazil A.

Hello there! I have a 3-month-old baby and I just wanted to let you all know that we absolutely LOVE our doona!! It has literally saved me and I’m so thankful I never had to carry around a heavy infant seat! I’ve had so many people ask about our stroller and I love showing them how it folds up so easily to fit in the car. They’re always mind blown! Thank you for making such a needed product!

Emily H.

I just wanted to let you know that the more we use the stroller especially when we travel the more we appreciate the convenience of this stroller/car seat, gone are the days of packing the car and then wondering where to squeeze the stroller, gone are the days of taking the baby out of the car seat or putting her back every time we stop. Just wanted to say thank you again. Too bad this didn’t exist when our older children were little.

Mendel N.

I love my Doona so much. I live in Hong Kong where most people take public transportation. I see many parents taking their babies in a taxi in just a carrier. I don’t understand why they do that if they can use a Doona knowing that their child is safely strapped into a car seat. I’ve had a few strollers and car seats and the Doona is by far my favorite one. It’s my main car seat and stroller that I use on a daily basis. I use it in my car as well as in taxis, Ubers, subways and planes. I’ve used it in the US, Australia, Europe and in Asia. I dread the day that my daughter will outgrow the Doona. I don’t know what I will do when she grows out of it.

Jessica B.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job on the Doona! It is, by far, the best product we’ve purchased as new parents and we’re sure to tell that to everyone who asks about it. We’re regularly approached by new or soon-to-be parents asking about the carseat/stroller and we go on and on about how phenomenal it really is. And every time we see a mom or dad lugging a big, clunky car seat around, we’re reminded of how lucky we were to have found the Doona. So, thank you for your hard work in bringing it to life – it’s truly made parenting, a sea of unknowns and incredible challenges, that much easier and more enjoyable.

Daniel S.

Dear Family, Yes, I dare to call you family because our Doona has become a valuable member of our family. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the amazing product you have created! We absolutely love the Doona. We take it everywhere with us, we use it every day and dread the moment our baby outgrows it. The Doona simply makes our lives so much easier and gives us the opportunity to actually enjoy our time as new parents, the true definition of your slogan ‘simple parenting’. We bought our Doona in May of 2016 and were one of the first ones on the streets of Long Island City, New York to use it. I have recommended it as the number ONE item every new parent should have! No questions. You make my life easier. You make my life exciting and possible. We take the Doona everywhere. It makes almost everything possible! Thank you!

Simona R.

We have used Doona Car Seat/Stroller since my daughter was born. We have never used anything else. We cannot say enough good things about Doona Car Seat. It is one of the best things we have invested in as new parents. It is so simple and easy to use and with the flick of a lever, it makes my life so easy. I am a small mother (5″2 to be exact) with serious back issues and the Doona makes it so easy for me, I do not have to lift my daughter or change stroller with all the hassle that entails. With the Doona it is one simple easy to use step. 

I also get a lot of other mothers mesmerized by the Doona and I am always more than happy to demonstrate. Also the customer service at Doona is brilliant – I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for this wonderful product guys, you have truly made this an easier process.

Dionne P.

I wanted to reach out to share our happiness with our recent purchase of two Doona strollers for our 8-month-old twin daughters. My wife and I recently planned a trip from Atlanta to Seattle with our twins to hike Olympic National Park. We were quite nervous about flying/traveling with them for the first time, especially across the country for a trip that requires a lot of driving to then go hiking…We happened to go to Buy Buy Baby’s website a couple days before our departure and learned about Doona. We wished we had heard about your product sooner as we would’ve bought these prior to their birth… We already had nice, top quality car seats and strollers, but decided to overnight two Doona’s to make sure we could use them on our trip. We can’t thank you enough for this amazing product. As you can see in the attached pictures, our girls love them… as do me and my wife. They make traveling with twins a breeze. Transitioning them in and out of the car repeatedly at lookouts, for short hikes, etc. was so easy. Our Doona’s made this trip our best ever. We can say that without a doubt, without them, there would’ve been much more chaos at the airport, interrupted sleep, and fussy babies.

Sean K.

I’ve been using Doona since he was born. While I tried to replace it once he outgrew it, it was an impossible journey. Even compared to few other options available for toddlers, Doona still felt sturdier, safer, easier to manipulate, and my son was already familiar with it. Therefore, nothing could replace the Doona. So I decided to travel with the Doona in my long trip overseas. My son is tall but still sleeps well in the Doona. It was a great help in the airplane and moving in cabs or different cars all over the place. Even though he had already exceeded the height limit by the time of our trip, it was a blessing to have something so practical to travel, especially for such a long trip. I’m also pleased with your customer service. Having used Doona so much, the wheels gave up. I just had to write an email to replace them. The new wheels came with clear instructions for easy replacement. While I had never been in a car accident with my son, knowing that he was traveling in a car seat all the time, whether in cabs or our car, gave us great peace of mind.

So thank you Doona for making our travels safer and more comfortable.

Danielle N.

The Doona has been the perfect car seat for our multi-modal urban family. Having a car in the city is a hassle, so we take a mix of transportation to fit the situation. This means always bringing the car seat so that even if we take Muni to get there, we can Uber home. This is where the flexibility of the Doona has really helped us. We just bring the Doona as our stroller and we’re covered if ever we need to hop in a car. It’s small profile also makes it really great on any public transport, in stores, at restaurants, or wherever. For any city baby I would put the Doona as the #1 must have accessory. I don’t know how we would live without ours.

Ben A.

I am a visually impaired mother with a guide dog and a 6-month-old son. I had to do a lot of research before buying a car seat because I use public transportation every day and cannot leave a car seat base in my car since I don’t have a car. I needed something lightweight and portable since I would be carrying my car seat with me while running errands. The Doona is the perfect solution. It has changed my life. I absolutely love it and it works perfectly for pulling while I walk with my guide dog. I hesitated to get it because of the price but it was absolutely worth it for me. Doona has accompanied me on planes, buses, trains, boats, and, of course, in all of my friends’ and family members’ cars. I am constantly complimented on my stroller, and many people want to know where I got it. My only wish is that there was also a toddler form of this car seat. Maybe that will be a future endeavor for Doona.

Kayla R.